About Us

"Travel with ease with everything at your fingertips"

In a small home, with a young family, a small idea (lightbulb moment!)... began to grow.

With a love of camping and the outdoors I'm always looking for ideas and ways to enhance or streamline our short trips (isn't everyone!) Tired of carrying all 'bar the kitchen sink' (although ironically we do take our kitchen sink now as we drag our Jayco Eagle to each new destination).  

I found what I thought was an awesome little product while scanning through Pinterest.  After finally tracking down the product and creator, I was told... 'No, sorry....we don't ship to Australia'. Really?!?!   Us Aussies are missing out! I had to rectify this, even if only for my own family.

First, I made my own, then my hubby and kids, then a couple of friends...and so on!  Now I hope to make one for you and your family.