ADVENTURE PACK 2 (3 bottles Inc)

ADVENTURE PACK 2 (3 bottles Inc)

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Welcome to the "Adventure Pack" series. 

In this pack, you will find everything that your young adventurer will need to head off on school camps, venture out into the wild with Scouts or Guides groups or just out roughing for the weekend.

Included in this pack is:

*A water resistant Poly/Nylon drawstring bag with zip section and rubber plug outlet for earphones to pull through.

*A couloured lanyard of your choice - Navy Blue, Turquoise, Hot Pink or Orange.

*3 x silicone bottles for body wash and shampoo, conditioner or sunscreen.  They are non-drip, non-spill, non-toxic food grade quality.

* 1 x 80cm x 40cm super absorbent microfibrer towel which packs in a mesh bag  

*1 x bright, quality body loofah

*1 x water resistant, USB rechargeable torch. (120 minute usage time with a quick 15 min charge time)

1 x toothbrush/toothpaste drawstring bag, with 1 x carabiner to attach it.